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What Equipment is Needed, and What are the Costs to My Family?
All students receive a laptop and all the peripheral equipment needed to participate fully. There are no equipment costs to parents, and qualifying families receive subsidized reimbursement for their internet service based on their level of need.
What Extra-Curricular Programs are Available?
Cyber Scholars have the option to join many athletic teams and music programs through the athletics and art departments of ASPIRA of PA Schools. Chess and technology clubs are also available. 
How Will I Know My Child is Attending Lessons and Completing Their Work?
Elementary students are required to log in each day and receive lessons until 3:15 p.m. on each normal-length school day. Based on a written policy, our Truancy Officer will notify and work with parents, conduct home visits, and/or take further action to end unexcused absences.
Is My Student Ever Required to Attend In-Person?
Scholars are required to be present in the school on state-required testing days throughout the year. Otherwise, they are free to come in for tutoring and if technical assistance is needed.
What if My Child has Special Learning Needs?
Because our certified special education teachers craft unique learning plans, students can always learn at their own pace. Each scholar also has access to a school nurse, a counselor, a psychologist, and a speech, occupational, and physical therapist.
If you need further information, feel free to visit the school office or make contact by phone.
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