Admission Policy
In order to enroll at ASPIRA Bilingual Cyber Charter School, students must be five years old as of September 1 of the year they are enrolled. Students can enroll from the age of 5 through graduation from High School or the age of 21which ever comes first. Students may not enroll with ASPIRA Bilingual Cyber Charter School after their 21st birthday. ASPIRA Bilingual Cyber Charter School is open to all children who reside in this Commonwealth; this also includes foreign language students.

For any questions or concerns, kindly reach our office using the number on the sidebar or email our office at [email protected]aspirapa.org
Online Application Process:
Parents please gather the following documents for the student before beginning the enrollment application and make sure clear pictures retaken of each item. Pictures or scans of envelopes with addresses are not acceptable.
  1. Birth Certificate or Passport - Make a digital copy and have the file available.
  2. Current Immunization Record for the child or physical examination with shot records is acceptable.  Make a digital copy and have the file available.
  3. Parent/Guardian’s Identification or Driver’s License. Make a digital copy and have a file available.
  4. Current proof of Residency/Address -- a lease/deed record, a statement of a current bill  (gas, water, or electric) with the parent's name and the address clearly visible, a credit card statement, or a vehicle or voter’s registration. Make a digital copy and have the file available.
  5. Complete the Online Enrollment Form with an email address so we can send you other additional forms to complete the enrollment.
  6. The main office will then email you additional documents (Parent Forms) that will require your signature. 
  7. After the Parent's Forms have been signed and returned to the main office you will then be emailed the time and day of orientation for your child. Please be prepared to provide any other additional documents the school will need for the child.
  8. Attend Orientation session
  9. The student is enrolled!
Proceso de solicitud en línea:
Padres, por favor reúna los siguientes documentos para el estudiante antes de comenzar la solicitud de inscripción y asegúrese de que se tomen fotografías claras de cada elemento. No se aceptan fotografías o escaneos de sobres con la dirección.
  1. Partida de Nacimiento o Pasaporte - Haga una copia digital y tenga el archivo disponible.
  2. Se acepta el registro actual de vacunas para el niño o el examen físico con registros de vacunas. Haga una copia digital y tenga el archivo disponible.
  3. Identificación del Padre/Tutor o Licencia de Conducir. Haga una copia digital y tenga un archivo disponible.
  4. Comprobante actual de residencia/dirección: un registro de contrato de arrendamiento/escritura, una declaración de una factura actual (gas, agua o electricidad) con el nombre de los padres y la dirección claramente visibles, un estado de cuenta de la tarjeta de crédito o un vehículo o registro de votante. Haga una copia digital y tenga el archivo disponible.
  5. Complete el Formulario de Inscripción en línea con una dirección de correo electrónico para que podamos enviarle otros formularios adicionales para completar la inscripción.
  6. La oficina principal le enviará por correo electrónico documentos adicionales (Formularios para padres) que requerirán su firma.
  7. Después de que los formularios de los padres hayan sido firmados y devueltos a la oficina principal, se le enviará por correo electrónico la hora y el día de la orientación para su hijo. Esté preparado para proporcionar cualquier otro documento adicional que la escuela necesite para el niño.
  8. Asistir a la sesión de orientación
  9. ¡El estudiante está inscrito!
Paper or In-Person Application Process:
  1. Download a copy of the Enrollment Packet via the bottom of the page or visit the school’s main office located at 6301 N. 2nd Street (3rd Floor) Philadelphia, PA 19120 
  2. Fill out the Enrollment Packet Forms and submit it along with the  Requested Documents (listed below) to the main office.
  3. Attend an orientation session.
  4. The student is enrolled!
Below you'll find two separate lists (for new and returning students) of the documents needed to complete the enrollment process.
Click the link below to download the full document outlining Cyber's enrollment process.
ASPIRA Bilingual Cyber Charter School may not deny admission based on a child’s immigration status. All student enrollments can be done in person, by email, mail, fax or online by a parent/guardian. Homeless student/family situations are unique and will be addressed at the time of registration
Enrollment  Hours:

Monday – Friday
9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Summer Enrollment  Hours:

Monday - Thursday

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM


6301 N. 2ND St. (Third Floor, North Wing)
Philadelphia,PA 19120                Office :267-297-1883

Document Translation  Services

If you require translation services to complete the enrollment process, click here to submit our online translation request form. The translation of written documents is free of charge, and every effort will be made to accommodate any translation request in any language.
You can submit questions and comments to the school using our online form here. For more immediate help, call the school office during regular hours at 267-297-1883.
Acceptable Proof of Age & Residency Examples: