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Educational Philosophy

The curriculum at Cyber is aligned with the standards of Pennsylvania law and the Common Core.
Our School is different in that students attend most classes via live, online chats instead of coming to the building each day. Our digital learning platforms provide an immersive learning experience whereby students are able to ask questions, share insights, and interact as they would in an in-person classroom setting. This flexibility and means that more families can provide their children with high quality, bilingual learning. 

Our teachers are highly qualified professionals, certified in their subject areas to provide the level of instruction students receive at traditional schools. They are engaged in the lives and academic pursuits of their students and work with parents toward common goals.

High academic standards combined with the following principles make ABCCS an option like no other for Pennsylvania students in grades K-12:

  • Small class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratio.
  • Personalized class experiences.
  • Regular daily schedules.
  • Counseling on post-secondary education.