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Accountability for one’s work is a value and skill that we must teach our students. As a whole school, we must stand together and build a culture of student accountability. Having a school-wide policy on work completion will allow us as teachers and administrators to clearly communicate our expectations to our students

ASPIRA Cyber's Communication Policy

The link between our students and their parent/home facilitators is so important for success. As a cyber school, we rely on email, course announcements, phone calls and other means of communication. Students are required to read and respond to all relevant communication from school personnel on a daily basis. Parents/Home Facilitators must supply a working email to ABCCS and should check for new messages three times per week.
If you have a technical problem with your school computer, PowerSchool, or Schoology, please email Mr. Ryan Wolcott at  [email protected]. For more immediate help, you can call the school office during regular school hours at 267-297-1883.