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Nurse's Page

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Here you will find the school nurse newsletter in English and Spanish. More information to come. Please feel free to download the Nurse manual.

Novelette Nelson, School Nurse

ASPIRA Bilingual Cyber Charter School
Room 365,
P: 267-297-2993 Ext. 258
Ms. Nelson began working for Aspira Inc of PA back in 2016. She started at Olney Charter High School with the extended school year students as a nurse for 2 summers. She made the switch to a full-time employee in 2016 at Aspira Bilingual Cyber Charter School.

Ms. Nelson obtained her school nurse certification at Prism Career Institute. She gained pediatric nurse skills and experience while working at Preferred Home Care as an LPN.

The role of a school nurse is more than following school nurse guidelines and just tending to the physical needs of a student. Ms. Nelson does not view her position at Aspira Cyber Charter as a job but her passion. She has vowed to treat every student as they were her own and with the utmost respect no matter age or mental health. Ms. Nelson exudes great patience and preparation in order to tend to the unique needs of each student.


Ms. Nelson's 3 Top Tips:

  • If your child is sick, please wait 24 hours after the broken fever before sending them back to school
  • Keep all contact information up to date in case of emergencies
  • If your child has a prescribed medicine they may need, such as an inhaler or insulin, keep some handy with the school nurse.
Click below to download the complete Nurses Manual for ASPIRA Cyber in PDF format using the link below.
For more immediate help from Nurse Nelson or otherwise, call the school office during regular hours at 267-297-1883.